This website used to be the home of my web design business. I started making websites in 2004 and became self-employed in 2007. I'm still looking after a few websites but nowadays I mostly do web hosting support.

I reluctantly turned this website into a blog. My aim is to write the odd article about things that interest me. That will mostly be Linux-related stuff, perhaps sprinkled with some rants about junk mail (as I also run an anti-junk mail website).

The reason for my reluctance is that I'm neither a coding nor a hosting guru. If you're looking for articles about the most correct way to write Bash scripts or configure Apache then you won't find much of interest here. I know bits about lots of topics, but I'm not the person to write authoritatively about such subjects. Still, I can share some of my knowledge and experience.


My experience with blogs is that they attract horrible people. There's the spammers, people who want to be followed on platforms like Twitter and, worse of all, trolls. For my own sanity I'm not on social media, and this website doesn't have a contact form.