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Arts & Health East

Arts & Health East brings together a large number of organisations in the health and social care sector that recognise art can improve people's wellbeing. The network produces a newsletter and organises events to share information and expertise.

Clever Camper

Clever Camper was a Norwich-based company that rented out teardrop trailers – smart mini-caravans for those of us who like the idea of camping but don't really fancy sleeping in a tent.

Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust

The Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust is an Oxford-based charity that was set up to restore africa's oldest motor ship, the MV Chauncy Maples, to a mobile clinic on Lake Malawi.

Junk Buster

Junk Buster was Stop Junk Mail's little brother. The web site was built around a widget that you could use to contact up to six different opt-out schemes for junk mail and paper directories.

  • Published in March 2009
  • Label: Activism

Rupert Read is the personal web site of the philosopher, writer and green campaigner Rupert Read. The site is powered by Drupal, mobile-friendly and full of thought-provoking content.

  • Published in January 2009
  • Label: Politics

St Gregory's Centre for the Arts

St Gregory's Centre for the Arts ("St Greg's") was a cultural / community centre in the heart of the Norwich Lanes. I spent many happy hours at the venue but sadly it closed its doors in November 2012.

Janie Hampton

Janie Hampton is the author of over 20 books, including a biography of Joyce Grenfell, How the Girl Guides Won the War and the The Austerity Olympics.

Blueshed Beads (Felicity Withers)

If you've ever been to a local arts & crafts market in or around Norwich you've probably met Felicity Withers. She makes handsome beads and jewellery, a small collection of which can be found at