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There are ten items with the label arts & culture in the portfolio:

David Shenton

David Shenton is a cartoonist and illustrator who's been published everywhere (even on a gravestone!). The web site currently features his These Foolish Things cartoons.

  • Published in October 2015

Norwich Dandies

The Norwich Dandies are a fabulous arts collective that indulges in painting, poetry, performance art, sculpture and spreading happiness.

  • Published in April 2015

Bluemoose Books

Bluemoose Books is an independent publisher based in Hebden Bridge. The web site includes an online store, blog, newsletter and podcast.

  • Published in September 2014

Galley Beggar Press

Galley Beggar Press is an independent publisher dedicated to releasing top-quality fiction. The web site is powered by Drupal and features a blog, newsletter and shop.

  • Published in June 2012

Arts & Health East

Arts & Health East brings together a large number of organisations in the health and social care sector that recognise art can improve people's wellbeing. The network produces a newsletter and organises events to share information and expertise.

  • Published in November 2009

St Gregory's Centre for the Arts

St Gregory's Centre for the Arts ("St Greg's") was a cultural / community centre in the heart of the Norwich Lanes. I spent many happy hours at the venue but sadly it closed its doors in November 2012.

  • Published in October 2008

Janie Hampton

Janie Hampton is the author of over 20 books, including a biography of Joyce Grenfell, How the Girl Guides Won the War and the The Austerity Olympics.

  • Published in September 2008

Blueshed Beads (Felicity Withers)

If you've ever been to a local arts & crafts market in or around Norwich you've probably met Felicity Withers. She makes handsome beads and jewellery, a small collection of which can be found at

  • Published in November 2007

Rachel Anderson

Rachel Anderson is the author of an impressive number of books. She writes for "tiny tots", "sturdy readers" and adults alike, often covering subjects other authors prefer to avoid.

  • Published in September 2007

Eloise O'Hare

Eloise O'Hare is a painter, illustrator, puppet maker, actor, costume designer, and my partner. In 2015 I finally replaced her ancient Flash (Boo! Hish!) web site with a new Drupal site.

  • Published in November 2006