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Bluemoose Books

A screenshot of the home page of the Bluemoose Books web site.

Bluemoose Books is an independent publisher based in Hebden Bridge. The web site includes an online store, blog, newsletter and podcast.

The web site I inherited used Wordpress and had been compromised, to the extent that over 99% of all traffic to the site went to malicious scripts (with the victims thinking they were getting free illegal downloads). As a result the site had a terrible reputation and was being blocked by anti-virus browser extensions. These problems have now resolved; the new site uses Drupal, is hosted on a proper hosting package and all people requesting a (previously) dodgy URL are now redirected to a page explaining that the freebies they were hoping to find were in fact virusses.

Many other improvements have been made. The new site is responsive; simple Paypal buttons have been replaced with a proper shop and there are two nice additions: a Mailchimp newsletter and a podcast. The latter two features are experimental; so far just one newsletter and podcast have been published. The first podcast, produced by Lucy McNamara, is very nice indeed:

I'm hoping many more podcasts will follow. It's nice to listen to authors talking about their work, and Bluemoose has got a lot to say about the publishing industry.