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David Shenton

A screenshot of the home page of the David Shenton web site.

David Shenton is a cartoonist and illustrator who's been published everywhere (even on a gravestone!). The web site currently features his These Foolish Things cartoons. David has done tons of other work and we're hoping to add a portfolio and online shop.

The web site is a responsive, mobile-first Drupal 7 site. The design is very simple; the background is white, the foreground black and the site uses a one-column layout. The site does use a fancy custom font based on David's hand-writing, called Shentonesque. The font has just one variant but if you like it you can download it.

The cartoons have custom thumbnails, which are displayed in a responsive grid. The These Foolish Things page uses a responsive grid with twelve thumbnails. The cartoons themselves use the picture element to optimise them for small displays as much as possible.

As you might expect, the most time-consuming job was preparing the cartoons and thumbnails. To make the job easier I wrote a Bash script that applies various edits uses ExifTool and ImageMagick.