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Web development & junk mail


I specialise in building small to medium sized web sites. That means I usually manage a project from start to finish.

Web design and development

Web design involves everything from choosing a colour scheme to creating different layouts for different devices (think mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers). Design is of course very personal and this stage usually involves lots of meetings with coffee and biscuits.

The web development stage is where I go off and do the actual coding. Depending on what's best for you I can either build your site on top of a content management system such as WordPress or Drupal, or I can hand-code something for you.

Prices start from £1,200 for a basic web site (perhaps with a blog or similar functionality) or £2,000 for a web site with more complicated requirements, such as an online shop. Examples of my work can be found in the portfolio.

Web hosting

I host most of my web sites on a Centos 6 VPS with plenty of resources. Fees for hosting start from £60 per year. This includes however many (IMAP/POP3) e-mail accounts you may want and extras such as web statistics – as well as having me as your personal help desk in case there are any problems.

Content optimisation

Writing for the web is complicated. For most people, writing something that may be read by just about anyone is daunting enough. And then you also need to organise your content in such a way that search engines and speech browsers understand it. I will always take care of the search engines and robots, and if needed I can help you write content. Or, I can recommend a professional copy editor.

Graphic design

Although I'm not a graphic designer I do know my way around open source tools such as Scribus, Inkscape, Gimp and ImageMagick. Some examples of my work can be found at